The Antmaster

Gil Kuno (US/JP)

The Antmaster is an experiment in hybridizing dynamic media (projections) with static media (paintings.) Digitally projected images of live ants are superimposed onto painted surfaces to achieve a new amalgam of motion and still images. In addition, nanosounds of ants moving and communicating were recorded in a nano-science lab at UCLA CNSI to act as a soundtrack to the pieces.

The theme for The Antmaster is karma. In Hinduism and Buddhism, it is believed that past karma must be cleared through hard work and suffering in the present. Ants are viewed by humans as being very hard working. Might it be possible that the ants’ selfless diligence is the result of having to work off past karma? Invocations that are utilized to clear bad karma are inscribed into the static areas of the projection. In The Antmaster, Kuno tries to express how humans and other life forms (e.g. ants) are co-equal; they are all at the mercy of the same laws of the Universe (i.e. karma.).

Gil Kuno is an experimentalist, re-envisioning experiences common within everyday life. He has exhibited/performed at: The National Art Center Tokyo, The Hammer Museum, L.A., Fuji Rock Festival, Naeba, Japan, NK Projects, Berlin, Germany,The Melkweg, Amsterdam, Schouwburg, Rotterdam,The Sprawl, London, Code, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Rockets, Osaka, Loft, Tokyo, among others. MFA, UCLA Design Media Arts, (2008).