In Passing

A.M. Darke (US)

In Passing is a virtual reality experience about what it is like to navigate public space based on one’s intersecting identities. The work presents a diverse group of people, each recorded while describing their unique experience moving through the world. Viewers navigate virtual streets where such recordings have been superimposed onto virtual proxies, creating a tension between constructed reality and raw personal account.

In a time when social division is running high, sometimes the best thing we can do is take time away to listen. A.M. Darke’s work In Passing allows viewers to enter a space with a diverse range of experiences, simply to listen and bear witness. This work helps viewers connect with others in a way that cuts through the stereotypes and us-vs.-them mentalities that so often stop a constructive dialog before it starts.

This work was created at an artist-in-residence at Laboratory.

A.M. Darke explores themes of social justice and equity. She created the award-winning game Objectif, a social experience focused on the intersection of race, beauty, and attraction. She is also a co-founder of voidLab, resident of the UCLA Game Lab, and Oculus Launch Pad fellow. Darke has a B.F.A. and M.F.A. from UCLA and teaches game design at UW-Madison. MFA, UCLA Design Media Arts (2015).