Fog Light

Doug Smarch (CA)

When someone sees a flock of birds circling in the sky, it can be a surreal moment that reflects the beauty of nature. Yet seagulls will flock together only when there is food; they will devour without any concern for what lies beneath. The duality of seeing a beautiful flock of birds and confronting the reality of birds’ unhindered instinct to attack forms the tension in this piece. Fog Lights ponders the relationship between beauty perceived by human beings and the cruelty of survival.

Doug Smarch Jr. was raised in the traditional lifestyle of the Inland Tlingit People of Teslin, Yukon. From a young age, he was taught to cherish any available materials and to have respect for all things living and inanimate; setting the foundation for finding value and story where one may otherwise not be perceived. Smarch’s award winning art is in public and private collections around the world and his exhibitions centers include: 2015 PANAM Games Toronto; the National Gallery of Canada; EXPO 2005 Aichi, Japan; the Museum of Native Americans in Zurich, Switzerland; and the 2010 Winter Olympics held in Vancouver, BC. He has been collected by the Yukon Permanent Art Collection, Erased (2011); the National Gallery of Canada, Lucinations (2010) and the Museum of Civilization, Abundance (1995). MFA, UCLA Design Media Arts (2004)