Drone Sweet Drone

Anne Niemetz (DE/US)

Home Sweet Home was an expression that was popular with troops on both sides of the American civil war, and through the glorification of drones the installation aims to open up discussion about the uses of drone technology. As embroidered blueprints using Arduino-powered lights, the aesthetic of the drones combines techniques associated with the past and the future, art and science, the amateur and the professional, and the feminine and the masculine. The blueprint text prompts us to further consider the potential of drones, as well as the gendered logics under which they operate. Drones Sweet Drones is purposely conspicuous rather than stealthy. Turning surveillance on its head, it wants us to study the fly on the wall that is becoming a greater part of our lives.

Installation: Anne Niemetz
Contextualization: Dr. Sarah Baker
Multicopter design: Hadley Boks-Wilson
Special thanks to Victoria University of Wellington

Anne Niemetz works in the fields of wearable technology, interactive installation, and audio-visual design. Her work has been exhibited in the World of Wearable Art show Wellington (2013), BODY festival Christchurch (2010), Microwave International New Media Arts Festival in Hong Kong, The ZKM Karlsruhe, Germany, LACMA – Los Angeles County Museum of Arts, MAC – Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Santiago de Chile. She is a Senior Lecturer in the Media Design programme at Victoria University of Wellington.