Cyborg Portrait

Noa Kaplan (US)

Why do the female cyborgs defy the pattern? Using the four mysterious characters from the US television series Westworld as a starting point, Kaplan began an obsessive process of de­interlacing their narratives—by capturing and recutting each character’s story arc so that she could watch each uninterrupted.

The first installment focuses on Dolores. Of the ten hours that make up the first season, three are devoted to Dolores, more than any other character. In order to identify behavioral patterns and thematic trends, Kaplan speeded up the aggregated footage, condensing it to ten minutes in length. Superimposed on this time-lapse are her findings, two times going at once. The result is a polyrhythmic pseudo-cyborg perspective, evolved from the gunslinger’s reductive computer vision used in the original 1973 feature film. These juxtapositions produce more explosive significance than what could possibly be articulated in words.

Noa P. Kaplan analyzes and reconstructs overlooked, disappearing, and forgotten collections. Noa has participated in residencies and fellowships at IDEO, Jaunt, Autodesk, Electric Objects, and Eyeo. She has exhibited recent work at ACME., Rosamund Felsen Gallery, and the Hammer Museum. MFA, UCLA Design Media Arts, (2012). PhD candidate, Media Arts + Practice, School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California.