Believe Campaign

Tomorrow Girls’ Troop (JP/KR)

The Believe Campaign was launched to raise awareness of sexual violence in Japan and to demand modernization of the penal law, which has not been modified since its establishment in 1907. The Tomorrow Girls’ Troop contributed the design elements, targeted at women in their 20s, and staged the art performance Believe March to demonstrate the public’s demand for the amendments. Participants wore feather-shaped masks for anonymity, with messages from supporters. The march was filmed and premiered in Tokyo in 2017 in a group show on socially engaged art.

Tomorrow Girls’ Troop was founded in 2015 by fourth-wave feminist artists with the theme: gender equality is everyone’s happiness. We wear masks in public and raise women’s issues in Japanese society through exhibitions, performances, lectures and the Internet. We use pop culture as the medium with criticism, accessibility and cultural sensitivity. We work in the space between parody, critique, and suggestion. One member of TGT received her MFA degree from UCLA Design Media Arts (2012)